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14 Best Home Waxing Kits in 2023, According to Pros

Jul 19, 2023Jul 19, 2023

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Turn your bathroom into a spa.

Body and facial hair are perfectly natural. That being said, if you prefer a hairless finish, whether on your upper lip, brows, underarms, legs, arms, or bikini line, you may be considering your options. The best hair removal products run the gamut of dermaplaning tools to at-home laser hair removal devices. Then there are professional services, but going to the salon for a wax regularly can become an expensive habit. And depending on what area of your body you get waxed, it can be a pretty intimate experience between you and your technician. That’s why some might opt to invest in one of the best home waxing kits instead of seeking out a service in person.

While they’re not for everyone, home waxing kits offer an affordable, private way to remove unwanted hair just how you like. They’re also handy for touch-ups in between appointments and for small areas, according to Vanessa Coppola, APN-C, FNP-BC, a board-certified and licensed family nurse practitioner and the founder of Bare Aesthetic. However, “it takes time, patience, and oftentimes a little practice before you get comfortable with the process,” adds Rachel Nazarian, M.D., F.A.A.D., a board-certified dermatologist with Schweiger Dermatology Group.

Meet the experts: Rachel Nazarian, M.D., F.A.A.D., a board-certified dermatologist with Schweiger Dermatology Group; Natalie Chan, product development director for Flamingo; and Vanessa Coppola, APN-C, FNP-BC, a board-certified and licensed family nurse practitioner and the founder of Bare Aesthetic.

If you’re concerned about the safety of at-home waxing kits, experts confirm most are safe to use, so long as you follow directions and take proper care of your skin before and after waxing on your own. “Because waxing causes temporary trauma to the skin, you need to keep in mind the general health of your skin,” explains Natalie Chan, product development director for personal care brand Flamingo, which sells home hair removal products.

Ready to dive into the world of home waxing? The best kits include fragrance-free wax, a variety of strip shapes to fit your needs, and aftercare goodies to keep skin looking and feeling its best.

Amazon’s best-selling hair removal wax strips kit includes 20 pre-cut wax strips designed to remove hair on small areas of the face. It also comes with powder to prep skin and calming wipes for when you’re done. At just $5, it comes at a great value for those looking for a cheaper alternative to regular salon visits.

What the Reviews Say: “Love using these for facial hair removal. I love that it comes with powder for before application and after-care wipes—really great value.”

“This is a really great way to get used to waxing at home because it gives you literally everything you need,” says Dr. Nazarian. This kit (an Amazon best-seller) comes with a gentle cleanser to use ahead of time, a warmer to melt the wax beads, and post-care spray. “I also like when the wax comes in bead form because it’s clean and sanitary, and you can just use it when you need it and not worry about contaminating the wax in-between home sessions,” she adds.

What the Reviews Say: “It’s perfect for beginners like me because it has everything you need, and the instructions are super clear. The wax quality is top-notch—melts evenly and glides on like a dream; it also smells really good. And the best part? It’s gentle on sensitive skin.”

Flamingo’s face wax kit includes soft gel-wax strips designed to remove short, fine hairs. These are meant for areas like the upper lip, chin, and sideburns. The kit also includes post-wax cloths and a calming serum to soothe skin after waxing. Hundreds of shoppers have left it a five-star review.

What the Reviews Say: “Easy and effective. What else do you need to know!?” wrote one reviewer. “The clean-up cloth and calming serum are great.”

Not technically a kit, this hard wax is ideal for removing coarse hair from sensitive skin, which is why it’s great for tackling the bikini area. Dr. Nazarian recommends it because it’s easy to apply and comes with detailed instructions on how to use it safely. She also points out that it includes oils for moisture. You’ll need to purchase a wax warmer separately, but once you have that, you can apply the hard wax with an applicator stick and remove it without any extra strips.

What the Reviews Say: “I’ve tried giving myself a Brazilian wax several times and could never really get the job fully done...until I tried GiGi Brazilian Hard Wax,” wrote one Amazon shopper. “The fact that you don’t need any strips reduces the hassle and the mess and also allows you to focus on small little bits and pieces at a time, which for me was absolutely necessary.”

Though it includes hard wax, this kit doesn’t require a wax warmer. Instead, you can simply place the included cup in the microwave to heat wax at 30-second intervals. Then, use the applicators that come with the kit to apply warm wax to the area you’re working with and remove it once it’s dry—no strips or cloth necessary.

What the Reviews Say: “I have tried numerous at-home wax kits, and Bliss has the best by far. Super easy to use,” according to an Ulta shopper. “Removes almost all hair in the applied area.”

For longer-lasting results than shaving, these wax strips from Veet are ideal for keeping legs hair free. This kit comes with 40 wax strips packed with vitamin E and almond oil for legs and other areas of the body, as well as four after-care wipes. The brand promises they’re easy to use and provide up to 28 days of smoothness.

What the Reviews Say: “I’ve been using Veet strips for about 13 years. They work,” said a reviewer. “The strips take some practice to figure out, but once you do, you’ll be so proud of yourself! And happy that you can save so much money and time by waxing at home.”

“For small areas such as the chin or upper lip, I like Sally Hansen Wax Strips,” says Coppola. “They are easy to use, come ready to use, and are good for these small areas,” she adds, noting that they’re sulfate-free. If you can’t imagine melting hot wax for at-home hair removal, these are a great alternative for beginners who aren’t tackling larger areas.

What the Reviews Say: “My go-to! I got my mustache lasered off years ago, but a few hairs still pop up here and there. These don’t hurt (unless you’re not used to it). Just know you’ll be a little red after.”

Unlike traditional hair removal wax kits, this one includes a gel formula that you don’t need to heat up. It comes with six ounces of gel, four pre-wax cleansing wipes, six wooden applicator sticks, 10 reusable cotton strips, and a soothing balm to use after each wax. All you have to do is apply the gel to an area of your face or body, apply the cotton strip, and pull it off.

What the Review Say: “I absolutely love this product,” said one reviewer. “Painless hair removal and easy to wash off!”

If you want a wax kit that has what you need to remove coarse body hair, fine facial hair, and everything in between, this is a solid option to consider. For those willing to try their hand at hard waxing, it has a wax warmer complete with an easy-to-clean removable silicone bowl and precise temperature display to prevent burns. You’ll also get four bags of hard wax beads meant for different types of hair, oils for before and after waxing, and 40 applicator sticks (20 large ones and 20 mini ones).

What the Reviews Say: “I love this kit,” said one Amazon shopper. “It was not as hard as I thought it would be as someone using wax for the first time.”

Getting rid of unwanted nose hair can be tricky, but this kit is specifically designed to make it easy. It comes with nose wax, a microwavable jar, wooden spatulas, and a special applicator for getting just the right amount of wax in your nostril. It even includes facial hair protectors to prevent any other facial hair from getting accidentally pulled out and a few calming wipes to use when you’re finished.

What the Reviews Say: “It was easy to use, it was fast, it was effective, and it was pain-free.”

Take the guesswork out of body removal with these strips from Athena Club. They don’t require heating up, they’re vegan and cruelty-free, and they offer up to 28 days of results. The kit comes with 24 double-sided wax strips that you can use up to three times each. Plus, like all of Athena Club’s products, the kit is available to purchase on subscription, so you’ll never run out.

What the Reviews Say: “Loved this kit! I usually have super sensitive skin but these wax strips didn’t irritate my skin at all. My legs are hair-free and carefree!”

If traditional wax isn’t for you, consider using sugar wax, which is a good option for sensitive skin. This kit from Parissa comes with sugar wax, an applicator, and fabric strips for gentle hair removal at home. It’s safe to use on your face and body, and excess wax washes away easily with warm water for simple clean up.

What the Reviews Say: “This is by far the best and easiest at home hot wax kit I have ever used…And I’ve tried many,” wrote a shopper. “This didn’t have a huge wax mess all over, it easily cleans up with water, and it didn’t leave any or very little hair behind.”

This wax strip kit from GleeBee comes at a great value. A box contains 60 wax strips containing jojoba oil and bee wax essence in two different sizes: 40 larger strips for body areas and 20 small strips for the face. There’s no heating required. Just apply the strips and pull them off for mess free at-home waxing. It even comes with paraffin oil wipes to remove residual wax.

What the Reviews Say: “These are definitely a great way to remove hair. The strips are on the lower end of the price range, but they work just as good as the more expensive strips.”

An Amazon best-seller, this waxing kit is fit for removing eyebrow, face, and lip hair. It comes with microwavable wax, an application spatula, brow guides, a post-treatment lotion, and mini tweezers for grabbing any stay hairs left behind. Just apply the wax and remove it when dry (there’s no need for cloth strips).

What the Reviews Say: “I used it on my upper lip, chin, and around my brows, and it was so simple and effective.”

✔️ Consider wax type. Wax kits include hard or soft wax. Some include pre-cut waxing strips while others require you to heat and apply the wax yourself. The best choice is up to you and your comfort level. Either way, you’ll also want to ensure that the kit you purchase is designed for the area of your body you’d like to remove hair from.

✔️ Check the ingredients. Scan the ingredient list for potential allergens, like fragrances, essential oils, and parabens, says Coppola.

✔️ Prioritize hydration. Dr. Nazarian recommends using wax that includes added oils, such as olive oil, for skin moisturization.

✔️ Invest in extras. Some home waxing kits come with aftercare products like wipes to help remove pesky residue, according to Chan. These types of items make the process easier and more comfortable, so they may be worth shopping for.

“Hard wax does not require a cloth strip for removal—you apply, wait for it to harden, then pull the wax off directly—whereas soft wax requires a cloth or non-woven strip to pull off the wax,” says Chan.

“Hard wax is gentle on skin and removes even the coarsest of hairs, but it requires skill and knowledge of technique to apply and remove correctly,” she continues. That’s why you’ll usually find hard wax used by aestheticians in salons or more experienced home waxers.

“Soft wax is also gentle on skin and removes hair well, but some users find it leaves a sticky residue,” Chan adds. Most home waxing kits contain soft wax because it’s easier to use at home. Though, you can certainly find hard wax kits for home use.

“As with much else, at-home wax kits are safe when used properly,” says Chan. Be wary of potential allergens and spot test new products on small areas of skin before you really get going, suggests Coppola. Additionally, avoid waxing any areas of broken, irritated, or sunburnt skin. You may also need to stop using retinoids one week prior to waxing, depending on the areas of skin you want to wax, she adds. If you’re concerned about how your skin will react to a new product, always check in with your dermatologist first.

If you’ve committed to using a home wax kit, it’s important to follow the directions. “Remember that wax can become very hot and cause burns, so you want to always test the temperature of the wax on the inside of your wrist first to determine that it is not too hot,” Coppola says.

Finally, be sure to care for skin before and afterward to avoid irritation and ingrown hairs. You can prep skin by exfoliating with a scrub or loofah two to three days before waxing at home, according to Coppola. Though, you shouldn’t exfoliate the night before, she warns. Use a gentle cleanser on the area and make sure it’s completely dry before waxing. Follow it up with unscented moisturizer and put on breathable, loose-fitting to decrease the risk of ingrown hairs, says Dr. Nazarian.

Cost, convenience, control, and privacy are the main benefits of waxing at home, according to all of the experts we spoke with. At-home waxing kits are relatively inexpensive compared to salon services. Once you get the hang of how to do it, you can wax on your own schedule in the privacy of your home, rather than potentially baring it all to a near stranger. You also have total control over the type of wax you use on your skin.

We interviewed Rachel Nazarian, M.D., F.A.A.D., a board-certified dermatologist with Schweiger Dermatology Group; Natalie Chan, product development director for Flamingo; and Vanessa Coppola, APN-C, FNP-BC, a board-certified and licensed family nurse practitioner and the founder of Bare Aesthetic. These experts shared their insights on what to look for in home waxing kits and even recommended a few options. We then conducted our own research, searching for highly rated home waxing kits that fit the requirements of our skincare and hair removal pros to determine the best home waxing kits you can buy right now.

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