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25 Kitchen Products From Lowe’s That Are Super Helpful

Jun 22, 2023Jun 22, 2023

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Cook smarter not harder, people.

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Price: $59.95

Price: $19.39

Price: $34.09

Price: $19.99

Price: $49.12

Price: $37.44

Price: $199.98

Promising review: "For shakes or smoothies, this is a great blender. Easy to use, lots of speed selections, including pulse, and very affordable." —Sydh

Price: $24.99

Price: $349.95

Price: $11.82 (originally $19.70)

Promising review: "Cooks as well as the name brand and price is significantly better." —Nick

Price: $34.99

Promising review: "I have been using an old butcher block with mismatched knives for years and finally decided to get a new set when my husband decided to retire. He was off work for four months and my collection of steak knives went down to two. Other useful knives also seem to have also disappeared. He likes to eat steak and now that he decided he is too bored at home, and went back to work, I decided it was safe to replace them. These are the perfect set. I do a fair amount of cooking and found out just how sharp they are with my first dish I cut up veggies for. I cut my fingers in two places. So be careful until you are used to them. Probably will be my last set of knives I buy since I had my odds and ends for 15 years or more. They look super on my counter, too!" —Nana

Price: $51.43

Price: $76.98 (originally $81.08)

Promising review: "Keeps basting garlic butter with parm hot and easy. Wonderful addition to my grill." —TheMacKae

Price: $32.98

Price: $36.99 (originally $49.99)

Price: $25.19 (originally $41.98)

Promising review: "It's wonderful! Easy to use, slices perfectly, and easy to clean up." —Donna

Price: $27.50

Promising review: "A 6-inch MultiPurpose Bowl Scraper Dough Chopper is a worthwhile product for those of us who make our own bread, biscuits, pies, and other bakery items. I bake my own bread and biscuits each week and found it to be a handy item when it came to working with the dough. In fact, it is very handy in cutting and shaping the dough for bread as well as shaping the smaller biscuits. The smaller Bowl Scraper is flexible and therefore I did not have any problem scraping the bowl thoroughly. It too has a tube handle at the top which did have enough firmness that it fit well in my hand. I found that it was useful for biscuits and other smaller bakery items. It was the item that I used to scrape the dough out of the smaller bowls. For storing the two items the smaller handily fit into the handle of the larger. When it came to cleaning the two items the only part that I did find a little challenging was the raised measurements. The dough tended to stick in the measurements and hence needed a little extra attention when cleaning. This is a small matter though and all in all, I found the 6-in Multi-Purpose Bowl Scraper Dough Chopper to be a very useful tool for shaping, scraping, and working with dough. I would recommend it for anyone who does their own baking." —Two useful bakery items

Price: $12.59 (originally $20.98)

Price: $10.39 (originally $17.32)

It comes with a single container and lid so you can store your chopped foods without dirtying an extra tupperware.

Price: $19.98

Promising review: "This sharpener puts a nice edge on all of my knives whether it’s my filet knives, bait knives or kitchen knives!!!" —Bless

Price: $14.98

Price: $13.98

Price: $37.99 (originally $39.99)

Promising review: "Came exactly as described, was easy to assemble, and works well." —Booklover

Price: $19.99

Promising review: "Removable nonstick grids make cleanup quick and easy." —Happy Shopper

Price: $49.99

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