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Benefit's $20 Face Wand Is the Secret to Flawlessly Applying and Removing Masks

Aug 25, 2023Aug 25, 2023

You can also use it to exfoliate and massage your skin.

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Real Simple / Daisy Rodriguez

As someone with large pores, pore care is an essential part of my beauty care routines. Aside from degunking with pore spatulas, face masks are a great way to detox congested skin, but I had to give up on them long ago. Not for lack of results, but because I simply got tired of digging into tiny tubs of products with my fingers and struggling to scrub my long nails clean afterward. So, when Benefit introduced its routine-enhancing All-in-One Mask Wand, I knew its versatility was precisely what my weekly skincare regimen was missing.

When the brand first unveiled The Porefessional skincare collection in February, a play on its best-selling Porefessional Face Primer, it was its first foray into skincare—and it didn't disappoint. I received free samples of the entire line to test out, but the All-in-One Mask Wand was the highlight of the whole set for me. The double-ended silicone applicator sports a spatula to scoop and evenly spread product on one end and a bristle head on the other to remove masks, massage, and exfoliate.


Needless (and happy) to say, I've painlessly worked face masks back into my weekly regimen. The spatula is a generous size so that I can pick up the perfect amount of product, but the angled design is what really impressed me. The unique shape allows me to quickly work my masks into the tight corners around my nose, which I have always struggled with. It seamlessly smooths everything around the rest of my face without any uneven patches, whether I use a clay, gel, or cream formula.

After applying a mask, I'll bring the tool in the shower with me and move the bristles in a circular motion to slough it off completely. Occasionally, I'll even use the brush head with my favorite cleanser for a deeper exfoliation when my skin feels particularly congested. You only need a little warm water and soap to clean off the applicator—I'll usually just use my current cleanser to get it as good as new.

If you're an avid face mask fan, then you'll love Benefit's new All-in-One Mask Wand to help you level up your skincare routine. Below are some of my current favorite formulas to use with this Swiss army knife of an applicator.