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Celebrity Wax Figures Ranked From Bad To Extremely Bad

Jun 10, 2023Jun 10, 2023

I see these figures in my nightmares.

BuzzFeed Staff

He looks angry and constipated. It's bad, but we're just getting started.

Why does this man look like he works at the front desk of a hotel? This is rude to Elton!

Facial structure itself is not terrible, but the hair scares me.

I can see that it's supposed to be Paris Hilton, but it's also a completely different human and it makes me nervous.

It's wrong. I can't explain it, but it's just wrong.

WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? Send it back!!!

Chris Hemsworth should sue.

Things are getting scary around here. POOR LANCE, they made his lips blend into his face.

If I ran into this in the middle of the night, I'd shit myself.

This is not Lindsay Lohan. It's like, a second cousin once removed from her father's side.

This is offensive to wax statues everywhere.

It looks vaguely like Ben, but a much sadder version whose dad is Simon Cowell.

Even though there is a face, for some reason it looks like he has no face. Do you know what I mean? Absolutely terrifying.

This is like if a demon tried to escape from inside Miley's body but only made it halfway.

NO. Don't make me look. I CAN'T LOOK.


This is so wrong. A travesty.

I literally have no idea who this is!!! This lady is pretty, but IT IS NOT NICOLE KIDMAN.

Arrest this ghost-man! He will hurt you, I'm sure of it. I also think he might have the plague.