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World’s ‘most powerful LED beauty mask’: Shoppers rave over CurrentBody for younger, fresher looking skin

Aug 22, 2023Aug 22, 2023

Shoppers who have taken the plunge and purchased the “world’s most powerful LED mask” can’t stop raving about the results - and when you see their transformation photos, you won’t be able to either.

In the ever-present battle for great skin, CurrentBody has been named a superhero, winning the title of the most powerful and effective LED mask on the market, proven by independent testing.

The Light Therapy Face Mask was found to be 31 per cent more powerful than other LED masks and the testing resulted in 97 per cent of participants agreeing that their skin looked younger and felt fresher after use of the device.

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The impartial, expert overview looked at the four factors that a customer should consider when buying an LED mask, and how each option performed within these areas. Testing examined power, coverage, precision, and duration.

The CurrentBody mask was proven to offer the best coverage from the 132 LEDs built into the flexible silicone mask with pillow technology, which diffuses the light, maximising skin coverage.

CurrentBody’s LED mask wins again when it comes to precision, emitting the most accurate LEDs and the most precise, clinically-proven wavelength.

Their treatment time also came out on top, with the recommended duration of 10 minutes, 3-5 times per week shown to give out optimal energy level for clinic-grade results.

Through clinic-grade LED red and near-infrared light treatments, the CurrentBody at-home mask was demonstrated to effectively improve multiple skincare concerns including:

With cost-of-living pressures making clinical beauty visits less accessible for many, combined with the fact that not everyone wants invasive treatments and there is only so much that expensive skincare can do, CurrentBody brings clinic technology to the home.

Typically, women visit clinics and salons for skincare treatments ranging from laser for hair removal to LED therapy for anti-ageing, as well as skin rejuvenating and tightening from well known radio frequency and microcurrent machines.

CurrentBody has now fully revolutionised the way we care for our skin by offering all of these advanced technologies, that go beyond traditional skincare for usage at home.

By incorporating devices into daily routines, individuals can elevate their skincare rituals and experience remarkable results themselves that skincare alone can simply not produce. The brand has continued to create devices that mimic treatments in clinic and that are backed by clinical studies - helping to transform the skincare routines of millions globally.

Those that have already tried the mask rave about its wrinkle-erasing qualities.

“Already noticed a difference. I’ve been using it for four days each week and I can see an improvement in the plumpness of my skin and the fine lines around my eyes. Hopefully I will soon see an improvement in the deeper forehead lines,” one woman said.

“Easy to use, easy to recharge. The consistency of using it every day really makes a marked difference,” said another.

A third added: “I have been using this mask for about four weeks and my skin looks and feels smoother. I am very happy with my purchase”.