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Ice Ice Baby: Let's Break Down TikTok's Fancy Ice Cube Obsession

Jul 03, 2023Jul 03, 2023

"Alright stop, collaborate and listen. Ice is back with a brand new invention." No seriously, have you seen these new icy innovations on TikTok?

In today's world everything is a little extra. Remember when your 10th birthday party consisted of cake at the roller rink? Now it seems like every party has to have a theme, and every little detail is important. Like ice cubes for example.

You've probably seen the videos while scrolling through your social feed of these "fancy" cubes. It's the internet's coolest craze. And if you have no idea what we're talking about, let us break it down for you.

Basically any ice outside of your average frozen water cube. They can be different shapes, sizes, and (most fun of all) flavors. See for yourself ⬇️

This TikToker made strawberry kiwi ice balls, heart-shaped matcha ice, mini coffee ice cubes, and strawberry rose-shaped ice. And that's just one video. There are hundreds of videos just like this showing the cute, cold creations. Also, peep the separate freezer containers for each. It's an entire drawer dedicated to ice!

There are several ways to make "fancy" ice. First, decide on your shape. You can buy silicone trays in all shapes and sizes from Amazon, just take your pick.

You could also use water balloons, like in the video below. Fancy, yet cheap.

Once you've got your shape figured out, then it's all about that flavor. Many TikTokers are freezing coffee, lemon juice, berries, cucumbers, and more. You can freeze anything your heart desires really. Here's some more inspiration for you.

It's not hard to see the appeal. They are pretty to look at, and can take your beverage to the next level. If you're an iced coffee drinker, making coffee cubes can prevent your cup of joe from tasting watered down. Also, imagine sliding an ice cylinder into your water bottle with ease and never having to crush cubes in again. Did we mention they're pretty to look at too?

Taste the trend for yourself and tell us what you think.