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4 DIYs you need for a Pinterest girls' night in

Jul 17, 2023Jul 17, 2023

When planning a Pinterest-worthy hang-out with your besties, DIYs are a *must*. Whether you're sitting in a cute backyard setup with the girlies or cuddling together on the couch, these trendy crafts make any scene Pinterest-worthy. Plus, they make for the cutest candid Insta flicks.

Coastal Cowgirl Hats

Coastal cowgirl is *the* aesthetic of the summer. Tap into your inner country cutie with these adorable cowgirl hats. Dig out your favorite summery beads (try the Summer Ocean Theme Bead Set, $11, and get some straw cowgirl hats (12 Pcs Straw Cowgirl Hats, $45, for your besties. Decorate your hats with your bead creations and y'all are ready to ride down into the sunset.

Glass Painting

Having a dinner party or outdoor picnic with your besties? It can't get better than making your own glasses together. These make for such cute pictures, especially with some strawberry lemonade or iced tea. Simply get your favorite plastic or acrylic glasses (we love this set of Acrylic Wine Glasses, $24,, and paint on!

Seashell Phone Case

been seeing this everywhere so my friends and i decided to try it out using the shells weve been collecting ◡̈

Seashell phone cases have been so popular on Tik Tok this summer. Either buy seashells from a craft store (look into Mixed Beach Seashells, $10,!) or gather your own seashells from a beach day with the besties. Then, take some waterproof sealant (Multipurpose Silicone Sealant, $6,, spread that onto your desired phone case and press on those seashells! You're left with a super beachy and creative phone case.

Candle Painting

painting candles & g&t’s 🕯️🍹

Ready for some candle-on-candle action? Get a set of white candles (Unscented Pillar Candle Set, $6, and a palette of tea light candles in lots of colors (check out this set of Colorful tea lights, $7, Light up your colorful tea light candles to create a palette of melted wax. Then, use a paintbrush to create designs on your white candle.

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Coastal Cowgirl HatsGlass Painting Seashell Phone CaseCandle PaintingHave you tried these with your besties yet? Tag us on TikTok @girlslifemag!8/5/2023THIS📚 Love reading? Take our survey! 📚HERESTUFFWIN Jenna's beauty vibe!