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This inflatable waterproof LED light is only $36.99

Jul 15, 2023Jul 15, 2023

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TL;DR: Whether you’re on the road, in the pool, or relaxing at home, you can light up the room with a MOGICS Coconut Portable Waterproof Light. This fun and functional portable lamp floats in water and provides four lighting modes, and it’s now 24% off.

Summer is heating up, which means it’s either time to hit the water or find a cool nook to relax in. Whether you’re planning a nighttime beach trip or just want to curl up with a good book, you can keep your summer activities light and bright with a MOGICS Coconut. This portable waterproof light floats, folds, and provides four modes of gentle, soothing illumination. Get one of these travel-friendly lights on sale for only $36.99 (reg. $49) for a limited time.

The MOGICS Coconut is a soft, Kickstarter-funded silicone sphere that emits four levels of gentle warm light. Brightness and battery life vary for each mode, with a max of 30 hours at its dimmest and 1.5 hours on the brightest setting. You can also activate breathing mode for a gentle, pulsing light for a soothing warm ambiance. Set your light on the dinner table for a magical mood, perfect for sipping wine during golden summer evenings.

Take the MOGICS Coconut with you in the pool for an ethereal late-night swim. Don’t worry about a little water. The Coconut is completely waterproof, and it floats. You can use it as a light to swim by or give it a toss. Not many lamps go with you in the pool, but you can use this one like a regular swimming toy. Plus, the self-inflating design keeps it bouncy and airtight. And when it’s time to pack it in, it only takes a moment to deflate and fold your MOGICS Coconut to a much more portable size.

Whether you’re camping, swimming, or cozying up at home, this warm LED lamp can light the way.

Get the MOGICS Coconut Portable Waterproof Light on sale for just $36.99 (reg. $49) for a limited time.

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